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Ancestry information dates to 1458 John Trott of Taunton Manor, Staplegrove, Somerset, England.

It had been assumed, from genealogical records, that the Griebling-McKay (Parker) family had roots to
English and European royal lines.  However, this appears to be an error made by many genealogists. 
The Wolcott family line of Tolland, Somerset, England (ancestors of
Hannah Wolcott Thompson,
the first wife of Ledyard Parker) and the Walcot family line of Shropshire, England (linked to the English
royal family), thought to be related, are connected only by a similarity in their names.

The following statement appears on the Wolcott Family website, which helps to correct this common,
longstanding and erroneous link:

"American Wolcott's believed that the Wolcott's of Tolland were related to the Walcot family of
Shropshire.  This was assumed because some early members of the American Wolcott family used
a coat-of-arms that had been granted to the Shropshire Walcot's.  These arms are engraved on a
tombstone of Samuel Wolcott of Wethersfield, Connecticut, who died in 1734, and on a cup said
to have belonged to Roger Wolcott who died in 1767.  The coat-of-arms, showing three chess rooks
and a chevron, was granted to John Walcot of Shropshire about 1415.  No link between the families
was found by John Burton, author of
The History of the Walcot family of Walcot, published in
England in 1930.  This book mentions Somerby's genealogy published in the 1912 Wolcott Society
book, saying it "is sadly inaccurate in its English history....  The connection, however, as shown,
is rather rhetorical than real...."  This was also the conclusion of Michael G. Walcott, who was hired
by the Wolcott Society in 1985 to investigate this matter, and by Somerset historian, Robin Bush,
as reported in his recently published book,
Somerset Stories.  A more likely source of the Somerset
Wolcott's is the neighboring county of Devonshire, where Wolcott's were living since the 13th century. 
Similar efforts to link William Walcott of Salem, Massachusetts, to the Walcot family of Shropshire
are conjectural and without any supporting evidence."

More information about this subject can be viewed at -> http://www.wolcottfamily.com/shropshire.html

Therefore, the names directly below ARE NOT links to the
Griebling-McKay (Parker) family line, as previously thought:

 747  Charlemagne, Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire
 939  Hugh Capet King of France
1024 William I "The Conqueror" of Normandy, King of England & 1031 Matilda Princess of Flanders
1133 Henry II Curtmantle Plantagenet King of England (also married to Eleanor Princess of Aquitaine)
1246 Sir Philip Walcott, Wolcott, Norfolk County, England (patriarch of the Walcott family)
1388 Matilda De Cornwall and 1388 Sir John Walcott

However, the following names ARE links to the Griebling-McKay (Parker) family line:

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The two coats-of-arms above are both reputed to be the official Arms of Henry Wolcott of
Gaulden Manor, Tolland, Somersetshire, England

For information on this coat-of-arms click -> http://www.wolcottfamily.com/arms.html

Click -> http://pages.prodigy.net/reed_wurts/heraldry/wolcott.htm for information on this coat-of-arms 

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